An American Girl in Beijing

Packing Chaos

One of the benefits to my job is that there are always opportunities to travel.  A potential project for my firm finds me packing and preparing for international travel … Beijing here I come!

This will not be my first trip to China; a little over a year ago I traveled to Shenzhen for work and was overwhelmed by all of the people that I met and places that I saw.  Although I tried to document my trip in a daily journal, my hectic business schedule often interfered.  I am hopeful, that by starting my journal digitally, I will be more faithful in my documentation; both for myself and for my family and friends that wish to follow along…

A digital journal is not a new concept for me, my husband and I chronicled our experiences traveling across country in  We also documented our adventures living in Florence Italy,

T- 3 hours until take off.  LAX to PEK!! All I need now is a Tylenol PM, a glass of wine, and a sleep mask (thanks Jet Blue!)…  Check in soon for more adventures of “An American Girl in Beijing”!



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