An American Girl in Beijing: Departure and Arrival

I left LAX at 12:40pm on Sunday and arrived in Beijing at 5:30am Monday morning. Sunday was a little bit of a lost day…

I spent a majority of the time trying to sleep in an economy seat which was not very comfortable to even sit in for 12+ hours, so sleep was intermittent and light. I was fortunate to have the seat next to me open which allowed me to spread out a little bit more. I shared my row with an American business man from California who was on his first trip to China to meet with a manufacturing company outside of Beijing. He was a “talker”! Thank goodness for headphones and an eye mask…

I was also able to watch a few movies to pass the time; Snow White and the Huntsman, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter (When I saw it as an option I couldn’t resist! Lol!).

I had two airplane meals… Both of them “dinners”, which I thought was a little strange considering the second one was served in the morning, Beijing time…

We landed on time, and the airport was empty! I made it safely through customs and was greeted by the new Hayne Architects assistant who took me to the hotel…




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