An American Girl in Beijing: Day 1

I arrived at my hotel/apartment at around 8:30am (Beijing traffic can definitely compete with LA!). I am staying in the Chaoyang District at the Riverside Baroque Palace Serviced Apartment, a property owned by the developer my firm will be working for in China.

My suite is a large one bedroom with a formal dining room and living room, a small kitchen, bathroom and a large bedroom with a round bed (Yes, you heard me correctly, a round bed! Lets see how that is to sleep in later…).



After a hot shower, a coffee, and a traditional Chinese breakfast I went to work. My firm is currently working out of the Riverside Group’s headquarters in Beijing. It is a traditional style, single story building surrounded by high rise apartment complexes. We are here to work specifically on a high end residential development about 1.5 hours outside of Beijing, Jin Hai Lake.



We had a traditional style lunch, and then the girls [Hillary Hayne, our head interior designer, Jeitein (not to sure of the spelling), our assistant and translator, and myself] went shopping at a local market. The goal was to get me a down coat for the site work we would be doing on the lake, apparently my wool one was a “city coat” and would not keep me warm on site. The market was a multi-story warehouse. It reminded me a little of the outdoor market in Florence, with rows and rows of stalls selling anything you could think of…and of course negotiating is a must. I ended up getting a heavy Canada Goose jacket and a pair of fur lined UGG boots. I think these will keep me toasty in the bitter winter weather!



We had a traditional dinner at the shopping center and then went back to the hotel. My round bed looks mighty comfortable…time to crash (8pm … that’s bed time, right??)!!





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