An American Girl in Beijing: Day 2, Jin Hai Lake


Well, the round bed was like sleeping on plywood covered in a fitted sheet! My jet-lag coupled with my discomfort left me sleepless all night… Good thing I brought a bunch of DVDs to keep me company!

I had breakfast alone in the dining hall… Honey nut Cheerios, mmmmm mmmmm good! We met the driver in the lobby at 9:30am for an overnight trip to Jin Hai Lake. I grabbed a coffee
from the vending machine before grabbing my seat and settling in for what I hoped would be a nap while we made the journey. I was able to sleep a little…

When we arrived at our hotel, a temporary building until the new one is finished, we were shown to our rooms for a quick rest before lunch. It feels as if we are always eating… I can get used to that! My room is very warm and cozy, with plaid walls and carpet. I have a view of the lake surrounded by the mountains. The bed looks comfortable… Fingers crossed I get some sleep tonight…



We had a traditional style lunch with our hosts. The food is delicious as long as you are adventurous! My favorite delicacy of the day was hot pear juice, made specifically for the winters on the lake.


After a filling meal we headed out to the job site to tour the projects currently under construction. Our main focus of the day is to evaluate the overall design and progress of the first buildings of the development.

Thank goodness for my new coat… It’s keeping me warm in the cold lake air! Construction here is quite different from what I have experienced back home. Everything is built using concrete! During our walk through we saw a workman mixing the concrete on site using coals to heat the water!











The site is truly picturesque with the frozen lake nestled within the mountains. There is a view of a single pagoda set on top of the mountains. Simply beautiful!

After touring the hotel and villas 1 & 2, we headed back to the hotel to discuss our observations over coffee (and cigarettes for my companions). Our hosts arranged massages for us before dinner. Note to self: a two hour massage cures all! We had a traditional style dinner, which matched our lunch and then I crawled into bed. I’m exhausted!



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