An American Girl in Beijing: Day 3, Jin Hai Lake


I slept relatively well and ate a good breakfast served to us by our hosts in the hotel bar.

After breakfast we went to explore more of the expansive property at Jin Hai Lake, our client owns 22 square kilometers, which includes a place called “Animal Island”. The only building on this island currently is the Equestrian Center. It houses horses from all over the world, including ponies from Poland and “hot blooded” horses from Tajikistan. They are beautifully kept. As we explored the property we also found a special carriage flown in from Chicago… That’s right, Cinderella’s carriage! Well I don’t mind if I do…







After touring Animal Island, we had to make our way back to the hotel for lunch. Because this project is in the very beginning stages of development the roads and pathways are not all set up. It takes an hour to get to and from the island on dirt roads (sort of wish we were in a hummer!). A lot of the workers save time by walking across the frozen lake… They suggested this as an option, but I am skeptical due to the fact that the lake just froze over… I chose an hour car ride! The last thing I want is to fall through the ice!

We made it back safely to the hotel on the dirt roads and ate a filling lunch. We packed our bags and made the journey back to Beijing. I am not sure if this will be our last trip to the lake… I hope not!

Still jet-lagged, when we arrive in Beijing we opt for a rest before dinner. Because of my issues with the round bed, I switch rooms and am put into a 2 bedroom apartment with great views of Beijing’s Central Business District (CBD).



We grab dinner at a small restaurant called Lets Seafood. Leave it to the carb lover to find handmade pasta in the city!!! I have tiger prawn fettuccine in a white wine mushroom sauce …. Delicious!! (For those if you shaking your head at my dinner choice, I am sure in three weeks I will have my fill of traditional Chinese fare!). After dinner while exploring the “village” we stumble upon an excellent cigar shop (thinking of you baby!). Maybe we will try it one if these nights…


And now to bed!



One thought on “An American Girl in Beijing: Day 3, Jin Hai Lake

  1. kathleen muldoon says:

    It all sounds wonderful, good decision on not walking across the lake, and your choice of dinner sounded like one I’d choose. Leave it to you to find the “Princess” carriage … 🙂

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