An American Girl in Beijing: Day 4

I spent the day working in the temporary office that was set up for us by our client, the “Chairman”; gathering and sorting files and information for all of Jin Hai Lake. One thing I like bout this office is the new wide screen monitors! Can I pack those up and take them back to Cali?


During an afternoon lull I was fortunate enough to find a Starbucks near the office (located conveniently in an outlet mall…. Hmmmm, interesting)!!

At the end of the day one of the designers mentioned that he was attending an art exhibition in the 798 Art District. Robbin, Jeiting and myself decided to go exploring. We went to an exhibit entitled “ON|OFF”, which displayed a variety of work by contemporary artists based in Beijing. The galleries closed earlier than we thought and we were unable to see any of the other exhibits. The district is filled with warehouse style galleries… I hope I will be able to make it back while I am here to continue my art explorations…




I finish my night with some fresh sushi… A California roll sounds just right!



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