An American Girl in Beijing: Day 8, Monday Movie


Lesson Learned: Expect the Unexpected.

This morning I came into the office prepared to work and found a film crew set up throughout the Riverside Beijing complex. With the Chinese New Year fast approaching the company is preparing for their end of the year party by doing some propaganda videos and photographs of the current and future projects.

As soon as I sat down to start working, I was approached by Jeiting and the director asking if it was ok to film me working at my desk. (Wait you mean you don’t want to film the fashionista sleeping at her desk?). And so both Robbin and I sat typing away while the director shot around us.

We were the last to leave the office, and headed straight to dinner. We went to the “village” which is fast becoming my favorite night spot. We ate at La Pizza an authentic Italian pizzeria owned and operated by a gentleman from Napoli. The pizza was fantastic and reminded me of Nerone in Florence. The owner brought us complimentary limoncello, which was sweet and the perfect finish for my meal! I will definitely be coming back to this spot!




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