An American Girl in Beijing: Day 9, Jin Hai Lake take 2

Today was a very full day. The morning began with breakfast at the hotel and work at the dining table on the 16th floor (not quite the penthouse).

In the afternoon we grabbed a quick bite to eat (note to self: never grab a hamburger from a Chinese bakery…) and packed up for our second trip to Jin Hai Lake. While traveling we were informed that there would be a design meeting on Wednesday and that we needed to prepare a presentation… (Great!)



The fog was so dense you could hardly see the lake! After being greeted in the lobby we started working on our presentation in the large conference room on the top floor of the hotel.

We walked to the banquet hall, hardly able to see a few feet in front of us due to the fog (thankfully we had a guide to lead the way!). We had a traditional Chinese feast accompanied with wine followed by coffee in the hotel bowling alley (that’s right! A bowling alley right next to the lobby overlooking the lake, when its visible).





I continued my work from my room, tomorrow the presentation will need to be translated before we head back to Beijing for my first design meeting with the Riverside Group…



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