An American Girl in Beijing: Day 12, Impromptu Party


Friday at the office was quiet, and passed by relatively quickly (probably because I had one of my favorite snacks at my desk!) as I worked on file systems, project information gathering, scheduling and diagramming for Jin Hai Lake.

The week had left the team exhausted and we planned to pass the evening quietly with a quick dinner, just the three of us at Sanlitun. This, however, did not happen. While I was in the lobby waiting for Robbin and Hillary to join me, I was approached by one of the designers from the Riverside Office, we will call him Magoo. Apparently he was meeting a bunch of his friends at the hotel (strange…) and invited me to join them for dinner. With Hillary and Robbin still not in the lobby, I assumed that perhaps they arranged dinner with him (they did not, it was just a coincidence)… We were all in a little shock and awe, but we embarked on our impromptu dinner party.

Magoo introduced us to his friend, a former employee of the Riverside Group, that was leaving for a new job in Shanghai and it was his “going away” party. So I guess we could officially be labeled as party crashers! We went to a restaurant/bar called Grinders that reminded me very much of a college pub ( R & H’s friend Neil also randomly showed up to join us, to avoid a “pick-up” shoot that was happening in his apartment. We had wine and sandwiches and enjoyed the evening laughing and sharing stories.

A little unexpected, but a lot of fun and exhausting!



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