La Brea Tar Pits 100th Anniversary

double double toil and trouble...

double double toil and trouble…

You look pretty good for being 100!

Looks like a field trip is in the future…



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Sunday afternoon at THE MART COLLECTIVE


I am currently working on an interior design project with Interior Designer Hillary Jane Hayne of Hayne Interior Design. We spent a casual Sunday afternoon shopping at the MART COLLECTIVE, an antique mall located at the corner of Palms and Lincoln Boulevard in Venice CA. Over 80 dealers create vignettes in the large two-story warehouse style building. The MART has everything from vintage clothing to large scale furniture pieces. It was definitely great place to start sourcing pieces!

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I will definitely be heading back… Hmmmmm do I need anything!?!?!


Exploring LA: a visit to the A+D Museum


The A+D Museum Never Built: Los Angeles exhibit showcases urban projects that never left the drawing boards… The design graveyard of “what ifs”…

Brett Livingstone-Strong’s Angel City Monument


A different LAX…


An illustrator visits his work (seated in the foreground)…
Study models for LACMA…


It was great to see the exhibit packed on a Saturday afternoon…

Check out current and future exhibits here:
A+D Museum


P.S. Remember you TAP card to save $5 on admission!

I am a NotLY 0


Hello my name is Holli and I am a NotLY 0. It has been one month since I opened my ARE Review Manual…

What is a NotLY 0 (you may ask)? NotLY is a term that represents an individual in architecture who is NOT LICENSED YET. The number 0 represents how many tests I have passed. Each test is associated with a number. As you pass your exams you add the corresponding number to your NotLY status.

1. Programming Planning & Practice PPP
2. Schematic Design SD
3. Site Planning & Design SPD
4. Building Design & Construction Systems BD/CS
5. Construction Documents and Services CDS
6. Building Systems BS
7. Structural Systems SS

Living and working in the great state of California adds exam #8, the California Supplemental Exam CSE.

My goal is to be a NotLY 1234567 by September of 2014 (notice how I left out #8… I don’t want to go crazy with my goal…). I know that that seems a bit ambitious… Giving myself only one year, but I like a challenge! As a notorious procrastinator I hope that by posting my goal and my progress on theladyarchitect blog I will stick with it and accomplish my goal.

For more information about NotLY and their upcoming events check out these links:
What is a NotLY?
NotLY Architecture Licensing Study Hall


Architizer’s Change Your City: Architecture + Urban Transformation

Architizer’s Change Your City: Architecture + Urban Transformation

Scroll through the projects featured in this article which focuses on Architecture + Public Space.  I personally LOVE the Bridge Bounce by Atelier Zundel Cristea and the Superkilen by BIG, Topotek 1, and Superflex which embrace the fun and adventurous side of design…

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Image Source: