Still a kid at heart… :: GoldiBlox and the Spinning Machine :: GoldieBlox and the Spinning Machine

On my way into work the other morning I was listening to Take Two on 89.3 KPPC and I heard a story about a young female engineer, Debbie Sterling, that is introducing young girls to the wonders of science, technology, engineering and math through the use of a girl named Goldie.

Sterling researched and observed the differences in how young boys and girls played and designed GoldieBlox to appeal to the future generation of female engineers by combining both verbal and spatial elements in the toy.  You read and learn along side Goldie the engineer as she builds a machine to make her ballerina spin.  Sterling is working to produce a series of GoldieBlox books with interchangeable parts to allow the girl’s imagination to create, design and build more complex machines.

Am I too old to buy this for myself??!!?  Shhhhh, no one will ever know…

Find more information on Debbie Sterling and GoldieBlox at the links below:



Crashing the Boys’ Club | | | 2013 | Architectural Record

Continuing the conversation of Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, Architectural Record explores the role of female architects in today’s professional environment.

Crashing the Boys’ Club | | | 2013 | Architectural Record.

Although 40% of graduates from architecture school are women, men still outnumber women in the profession 4 to 1.  Similar to Sandberg’s conclusions, the author (Sarah Williams Goldhagen), sites gender bias, lack of mentors and the structure of the workplace itself as being rigged against mothers.

Here’s to “crashing the boys’ club”…



On the road to Licensure…

Let the studying and test taking begin… again… (apparently 4 years at the University of Pittsburgh and 4 years at Syracuse University were just not enough!!  I must be a glutton for punishment…)

1-1/2" thick...

1-1/2″ thick…

"oh joy..."

“oh joy…”

Wait…No yellow bricks to lead the way?!?!?  Do I at least get ruby slippers??