I am a NotLY 0


Hello my name is Holli and I am a NotLY 0. It has been one month since I opened my ARE Review Manual…

What is a NotLY 0 (you may ask)? NotLY is a term that represents an individual in architecture who is NOT LICENSED YET. The number 0 represents how many tests I have passed. Each test is associated with a number. As you pass your exams you add the corresponding number to your NotLY status.

1. Programming Planning & Practice PPP
2. Schematic Design SD
3. Site Planning & Design SPD
4. Building Design & Construction Systems BD/CS
5. Construction Documents and Services CDS
6. Building Systems BS
7. Structural Systems SS

Living and working in the great state of California adds exam #8, the California Supplemental Exam CSE.

My goal is to be a NotLY 1234567 by September of 2014 (notice how I left out #8… I don’t want to go crazy with my goal…). I know that that seems a bit ambitious… Giving myself only one year, but I like a challenge! As a notorious procrastinator I hope that by posting my goal and my progress on theladyarchitect blog I will stick with it and accomplish my goal.

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