Public School Education: Losing the Arts Teacher

The Arts

The Arts

Unfortunately, the arts education in public schools is taking a serious hit with budget cut after budget cut. Some schools are attempting to battle this with the use of “Traveling Arts Teachers”.  KPCC reporter, Mary Plummer, profiles one of these teachers, Linda Mouradian, a traveling music teacher.

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These teachers however do not reach all the students.  There is only 216 traveling art teachers to serve the Los Angeles Unified School District’s 271,577 elementary students.

Arts are important in child development and help with motor skills, language development, decision-making, visual learning, inventiveness, cultural awareness, and improved academic performance.

With continuing budget cuts across the country, how can the arts be re-infused into the curriculum?  How can spaces be re-thought to be multi-functional to allow these traveling teachers the functionality they need to teach more students?

Bring back the ARTS!